The Blockchain Network for Commercial Real Estate

Baya is a partnership of real estate, civic, and technology professionals who have envisioned a new standard for the real estate industry

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Research CRE Transactions

The Baya Network stores transactional history of leases and sales in CRE. The network allows anyone to accurately understand the market and engage in a transaction.

Transparency of the market improves efficiency.

Exchange CRE Listings

The Baya Listing Service will be the largest database of CRE listings available to the public. Listings are posted, updated, and verified using blockchain technology.

Finding spaces to lease has never been easier.

Lease and Sell Property

Blockchain technology allows complete strangers to engage in agreements using smart contracts. Security deposits, rent, and improvement allowances can be setup to be automatic.

Gone are the days of financial disclosure and large security deposits.

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Amol Sarva
Knotel, Cofounder and CEO

Amol co-founded several startups including Virgin Mobile USA, Peek, Halo Neuroscience, Knotel, and built a building in New York called East of East. He studied cognitive science for his Ph.D. at Stanford with an undergraduate degree from Columbia. He teaches at Columbia. He is a backer, advisor, and mentor at 50+ companies.

Edward Shenderovich
Knotel, Cofounder and Chairman

Edward is the co-founder and chairman of Knotel. Prior to Knotel, he was the founding partner of Kite Ventures and an early investor and board member at Delivery Hero (DHER.DE), Plated (acquired by Albertsons) and Tradeshift. He was also previously a co-founder of SUP Media and Merchantry, and had worked for Silicon Valley Bank. He graduated from UC Berkeley.

Reed Hundt
Coalition for Green Capital, CEO

Reed was Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from 1993-97. He is currently the CEO of the non-profit Coalition for Green Capital, as well as the Principal of REH Advisors and is on the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation. He was a member of President Barack Obama's Presidential Transition Team (2008-09) where he was the economic agency review group head.

Tim Wu
Columbia University, Professor

Wu is best known for coining the phrase "net neutrality". He's also contributed to many state and federal policies around technology and communication. He has written widely for the popular press and is currently a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times. Wu currently teaches antitrust, copyright, the media industries, and communications law at Columbia University.


Patrick Morselli

Patrick was an early employee at Uber and then at WeWork, where he built the global expansion team from scratch, designing and executing exponential growth into 50+ markets globally. He is active in several companies in the sharing, AI, and blockchain spaces, either as advisor, investor, or co-founder, including Venn, ConsenSys, Colu, Nexar, District and Lumia Capital.

Jason Freedman

Jason Freedman has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur with 2 venture-backed exits. He is the founder of 42Floors, the top commercial real estate data company. Jason is a two-time alumnus of Y Combinator and holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business

Lily Rudolph

Lily has spent her career building commercial real estate data systems, including structuring and monitoring billions of square feet of real time data as VP of Operations at 42Floors. She’s a frequent speaker at blockchain conferences, including most recently at NYC’s Enterprise Blockchain Summit, discussing the role of blockchain technology in the transformation of commercial real estate data aggregation. Lily graduated from University of Colorado.

Ayla Koenig

Ayla runs marketing for Baya. She spreads our message of creating better data for the commercial real estate industry. Prior to Baya, Ayla spent three years as Director of Operations at 42Floors where she helped 42Floors scale from 2 cities to 100 cities across the U.S. Prior to 42Floors, Ayla did marketing communications for the SF Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC).

Jon Bracy

Jon Bracy is the CTO and founder of 42Floors. His experience is in full stack Web appliation development. Previously, he founded FlightCaster (Sold to NextJump) and RedisToGo (Sold to Right Ventures and then Rackspace)

Ben Ehmke

As a graphic designer and full stack developer, Ben brings a unique skill set to every project. For the past 7 years Ben has been building products that make commercial real estate more accessible to everyone. Ben is building the front-end design and user experience of Baya.